Craft day, Christmas market and Christmas party

On the weekend of December 14th and 15th the last workday for this year took place, this time followed by a Christmas party at tarent. As always, the workdays serve to prepare and plan future events that the club organizes or in which it participates.

This weekend, the participating club members met at 11 a.m. at Haus Venusberg, where they spent the first day and night of the workday. After a short meeting in the morning, the members split up into the general teams: FOSS, Organization, PR and System Administration to continue working on their tasks. After a short lunch break, during which the children had the opportunity to go geocaching, work continued until dinner. After dinner there was a special offer for the children: a visit to the Bonn Christmas Market. So we took the bus to Bonn city center where the group was divided into two smaller groups to search for Christmas presents, crêpes and hot cocoa.

Weihnachtsmarkt.jpeg © Hannah Witscher

After the group returned to Haus Venusberg, the children could play card games and sing karaoke before going to bed. Early the next morning the group met for breakfast and then headed to Tarent to spend the second day of the weekend. Unlike usual, Sunday was not used to work in the workshop teams: creative, mechatronics and game programming. Instead, a tutor held a workshop introducing Python for new members and members of the creative team. The other kids worked on their tasks or baked cookies for the christmas party that took place in the afternoon for the members and their families.

After the successful completion of the workshop, the two groups came together again to make the final preparations for the christmas party: children's punch and hot chocolate were cooked and cookies and tangerines were distributed on the tables. After the official opening of the celebration, homemade cookies were eaten, christmas music was listened to and some played table soccer. Presents were exchanged and the members were happy about radios, board games and books and the workday ended in a cozy atmosphere with christmas music and punch.

kicker.jpg © Hannah Witscher