Workday from 19th to 21st June

The workday, which took place from 19th to 21st June, was the first workday organised after the easing of security measures. The main goal of this workday was to bring forward the organisation of FrogLabs, under consideration of the health regulations. Due to the cancellation of FrOSCon, which would normally have taken place on 22nd and 23rd August , an alternative had to be planned. The FrogLabs are going to take place on two different dates this year to reduce the size of the group. In addition, the workshops were changed and adapted to the current events.

Unlike usual, the workday did not start on Saturday morning, but on Friday afternoon. As from 4 p.m. , the participants were able to arrive at the campground and set up their tents. In the evening there was a barbecue and later in the evening they could relax, listening to music by the campfire.

Early the next morning there was breakfast, before the members got together in their teams and developed possible workshop concepts. The distribution of the tutors into workshop teams differed somewhat from the usual teams. Although the ideas developed in a similar direction, there were tutors who took part in the organisation of new workshops that had not been conducted so far. Each team presented two ideas for the lunch plenary, which were to be further elaborated during further work phases.

robert_fahrend.jpg ©Martin Gummi

Leisure activities were planned for Saturday afternoon, and after a short lunch, the team split into two groups. While a smaller group played an escaperoom, the other group visited the exhibition "Gameskultur in Deutschland - Meilensteine" at +Deutsches Museum in Bonn. After the return of the two groups to the campground the teams went into another shorter work phase before everyone gathered for dinner. Afterwards, just like the evening before, most of them sat together at the campfire listening to music.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast, the groups went back to work to elaborate their concepts in detail, resolve open questions and create examples. During a longer lunch break, the participants had the opportunity to go geocaching. After a final phase of work, all the results were presented. Finally, the tutors took down their tents and the workday ended at 6 pm.